Welcome back!

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Re: Welcome back!

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I have checked for n64cc a few times over the years. Are we still at war with nintendorks?
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Re: Welcome back!

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I'd love to get in touch with you guys again, it was a great era! THANKYOU TO COME BACK!!!!!

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Re: Welcome back!

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Re: Welcome back!

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Steven wrote: Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:24 am Are you the original owner of n64cc.com? I've wondered what happened to it for a while now Car service from CDG airport to Rouen -- I've checked the domain for years, hoping something would have changed and allowed it to become something else again.

Are you going to put up the old content? (If so, I can spider it and remove the archive boilerplate for you.)
Above all, I would like the domain name to come back and we can discuss the game that interests us openly.
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