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San Angelo lifelike sex toys for men

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Benefits and dangers of reducing belts |
Reducing belts are wonderful for hiding those small michelines that can spoil a heart attack figure, but the truth is that continued use also hides certain negative consequences for our health. We tell you the benefits and dangers of reducing belts.
The main benefits of using reducing belts are known throughout the world: stylize our figure by concealing the holsters, highlighting the most feminine curves, reducing cellulite and reaffirming the chest. Today, in addition, we have a much higher number of models than we could find some years ago, which allows us to select the most suitable for us depending on the area we want to stylize. These new models have also been designed without seams, which make it a very comfortable garment.
But those are not its only advantages, but the reduction girdles also improve lumbar pain thanks to the pressure exerted and the heat that the body gives off when covered with its tissue. Some people also claim that this heat is a great help for those who are losing weight, as it offers an effect similar to the sauna in the area where they need it most.
Dangers Everything has its negative side, and reducing belts are no exception. Earlier we mentioned that it exerts a pressure that even relieves muscle aches, but in certain cases the opposite can happen. It is, in particular, in the case that you do not succeed with your size, since a compression that is too high can make the discomfort worse. But everything is not there, but prolonging this pressure over time causes new pain in the legs, tingling and weakening that can become chronic. If, in addition, the pressure is applied to the stomach, there may be a worsening of digestion or acidity problems.
Recommendations As you have seen, the reduction bands have both pros and cons, but the key is to learn how to use them in moderation. Obviously, if we carry them every day we can run into all the dangers described above, but if we use them only at important times it will not pose any risk to our health.
On the other hand, we recommend that when you go to buy your reduction belt ask the shop assistant for advice, since she can advise you very well in case you have problems to know which model and size is best for you. You will wear a spectacular figure without risks!

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